15 Dec 2013

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08 Dec 2013
04 Dec 2013

I’m pretty sure the little Italian lady at Conn thinks Scout and I are dating because whenever we come in together she has this sort of sly smile and I actually think it’s hilarious.

02 Dec 2013

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31 Oct 2013

That awkward moment when it’s 8 PM on your birthday and your “best friend” hasn’t talked to you all day…

12 Sep 2013

Table for two and we’re talking
Can’t think of a better night
You lean in to tell me something
And oh boy what a big surprise

You think you’re falling for someone
This might be your meant-to-be
I try to control my-
Why can’t you just want me?

I’m not a fan of sitting on the sidelines
Watching you pine for her
But I’m thinking that maybe this time
You’ll get what you deserve
I can’t take away your change for happiness
If that’s what she is for you
Hearing about it may make me want to cry
But I’ll take the heartache if it means that I’m alive

03 Jun 2013

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22 May 2013

@bretteldredge This is one sweet girl! Thanks @taylorswift for everything! #REDtour  

@bretteldredge This is one sweet girl! Thanks @taylorswift for everything! #REDtour  

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17 May 2013


I take one step forward and two steps back
I’m heading the wrong way,

The wrong way on the right track


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12 May 2013



on one hand i want a nightwing movie, but on the other hand i know they’d totally prob fuck him up and try to make him ~gritty~ like batman

i think id just really like them to start with a super gritty voice over and the actor portraying dick grayson doing the gargling-marbles christopher nolan batman voice

then just have him choke and cough and be like “how does he do that for more than fifteen minutes a night, jesus christ-“

begin nightwing movie~

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